Privacy Policy

  1. The Page is owned by Dolemon Sdn Bhd and all its related entities, affiliates and partner merchants (to be referred henceforth as, individually and collectively, “Dolemon”). The Privacy Policy applies to the information supplied by you on this site pertaining to usage of Services provided on this Page.

  2. By accessing this Page and/or supplying the information required, you agree to all the terms as stated in this Policy. If at any point you do not agree with any terms stated in the Policy, please discontinue your access immediately and do not continue to supply information via this Page.

  3. For some Services on the Dolemon Page, we may ask you to provide us with information about you and/or your company, as well as other types of identity/contact information (e.g. name/aliases, occupation, job titles, email addresses, etc.). Furthermore, if you wish to order products from our affiliated partner merchants and such, we may also require information like billing addresses and credit card and/or back details, etc. so that we may process payment and delivery

  4. Dolemon respects the privacy of your personal information and we will do our utmost to ensure that they will be treated with the highest standards of confidentiality and security.

  5. By providing the information requested by Dolemon, you hereby consent to the following:

    • Any personal information provided by you to Dolemon through this Page will be used to:
      • Verify your personal particulars and payment information
      • Create a personal user profile for you so as to facilitate the provision of Services we have promised to deliver for you as a Member of Dolemon
      • Process and execute your online queries, requests, orders and transactions and to respond to them; as well as a means to communicate with you
      • Conduct marketing research and statistical analysis
      • Improve the design and marketing outreach of our events, range of services and related products of our partner merchants to better benefit our Members
      • Solicit and record your opinions and feedbacks through the use of online surveys and feedback channels

    • Dolemon may disclose your information to the following individuals and/or entities so as to work towards providing you with a better user experience for our products and services:
      • Third party service providers
      • Partner merchants and affiliate business partners
      • Credit card companies and banking and/or shipping institutions processing payment and shipping instructions/requests given by you through this Page

    • Also note that Dolemon may disclose your information to regulators and/or law-enforcement entities if we are ever asked to do so, as bounded under the legal and regulatory obligation and/or duty to do so if the situation arises

    • In providing your particulars and information to Dolemon, you acknowledge and agree that due to the operational dimensions of Dolemon, that we may contact you; as well as store, process and use personal data collected in the course of your Membership term with us. We may also provide your data to our affiliate partners and/or entities within Dolemon outside of your resident jurisdiction.

    • As an Exclusive Member of Dolemon, you may view, amend and/or delete your personal information associated with your Web Profile at your convenience through our portal; but note that it is also your responsibility to maintain the secrecy of your User ID and Password as stated in Clause 2 of Dolemon’s Terms and Conditions.

    • Dolemon reserves the rights to amend this set of prevailing Privacy Policy at any time where necessity is deemed arises; and will inform all our Members if any such amendments are made.
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